The coconut plant is perhaps millions of years old based on fossil records and is thought to have originated in areas of India and Malaysia. Transported by ocean currents, it has spread globally to most tropic and sub tropic areas of the world, and become a staple in the diets of the populations where it is an indigenous fruit. Almost all parts of the coconut palm trees are used.

Coconuts are a good source of medium chain fatty acids, fruit fiber and minerals. The coconut is actually not a true nut botanically, but a drupe, like a fig. The coconut meat, which is the edible endosperm of the coconut seed, contains the rich oils and nutrients and the well known and savored coconut flavor.

Coconut meat contains less sugars and more protein than well known fruits like bananas, apples and mangos. It is high in minerals like phosphorus, iron and zinc.

Coconut flavor is experiencing a great consumer popularity wave now and new products with coconut ingredients are constantly entering the market. Coconut makes an excellent tropical fruit component in blended fruit juices and smoothies, and a multitude of food and dairy products.

In addition to the smooth creamy taste of coconut, the healthy oils, medium chain fatty acids and fiber provide a great nutritional benefit. Lauric acid is one of the principal fatty acids in coconut, and is also contained in human breast milk. It is thought to promote healthy bone growth and brain development in infants.

The medium chain fatty acids are easily digestible and converted to a source of quick energy.

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Coconut cream is carefully processed from fresh coconuts to provide the essential nutrition flavor and color, in a convenient, ready to use ingredient form for processed beverage and food applications. Coconut cream is an excellent tropical ingredient to add a fruit serving to your retail label for beverages, curry sauces, desserts and other processed foods like nutrition bars and snacks.

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