Cacao Fruit is so much more than just Chocolate!

Cacao is a fruit tree that produces big, colorful pods. Inside these pods are dozens of beans enveloped in a sticky-sweet pulp. The beans are made into chocolate, and historically, this pulp has gone to waste... until now!

Processing the pulp of the Cacao fruit creates a delicious, all-natural juice that is the first of its kind.

Cacao juice has a tart and sweet taste profile with a hint of tropical fruit flavors. Cacao could make an excellent addition to your beverage line!

Did you know?
  • The Cacao changes colors as it ripens. From green to yellow and maroon to orange.
  • The correct pronunciation of the Cacao is "kuk" + "KOW".
  • Cacao has been called the "food of the gods". That's impressive!

We can source Cacao in the following formats:

  • NFC Juices

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