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We welcome you to ENCORE FRUIT MARKETING, Inc., and thank you for visiting our website, a resource for industrial processed fruit ingredients and processed vegetable ingredients for manufacturing.

Since 1989, Encore has been an innovative and leading supplier of processed fruit and vegetable ingredients. Whether you need a commodity like apple, grape, orange, pear or pineapple, or Tropical fruits like mango, passionfruit, guava, Exotic Fruits like Mangosteen or Goji berry, or the next miracle Superfruit ( or vegetable!), we have a source for you.

Visit our Product List, and New Product pages to locate your ingredient. We offer fruit and vegetable products in many processed ingredient forms:

• Juices and juice concentrates
• Purees and puree concentrates
• Whole frozen fruit, IQF, Diced, Sliced
• Dried
• Essences
• Blends and Custom Processing

Packaging types include frozen, aseptic, bulk tankers, tote bins, drums, and pails.

We locate the best suppliers and ingredients for our customers, developing strong supply relationships to ensure a continuous source of products from reliable and qualified manufacturers. We offer counter seasonal sourcing to provide inventory that is always in season from some area of the globe.

ENCORE is a team of proven professionals, with many years combined successful experiences in all facets of business. Our strong technical background in manufacturing, R&D, chemical and process engineering provides valuable assistance to our suppliers and customers in the selection and development of ingredients.

We treat all customers and suppliers with the utmost confidentiality, and clearly establish ourselves as the supply chain partner who will be there for you from start to finish.

Contact Encore today for your ingredient needs. We will show you what we can do for you.

Mission Statement:

Since 1989, Encore's driving passion is taking care of those who count on us. Our mission is providing food and beverage manufacturers with globally and strategically sourced quality processed fruit and vegetable ingredients. We build sustainable business relationships through ethical practices, superior industry knowledge and impeccable service. Our success is guided by the mutual satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and employees.


"Encore has been C-Tpat (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) Certified! "
"Encore Fruit Marketing is pleased to announce that we are now Women's Business Enterprise Certified!"