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Greg Kaiser


Greg Kaiser is a goal oriented, hard-working individual with integrity, who is committed to success. Greg co-founded Encore with Lisa Hiday in 1989. Prior to Encore, Greg spent several years working in the flavor chemical industry, and then owned and managed a fruit processing company in Washington State called Gama Foods.
Greg’s early years at Encore consisted of a lot of travel, as he would spend time visiting suppliers and customers all around the world in order to help build the business.

Greg tells us: 
"One of the most valuable rewards I have received from the Encore experience is the personal and business relationships formed around the world with our suppliers, agents and customers, especially from my work in Japan and Korea. Your business partners can sometimes become your closest and most trusted friends!"

In his spare time, Greg enjoys hiking and biking in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, and coming home to a nice glass of wine, with his wife, Marda, who was also instrumental in the start of Encore.

His favorite fruit?
A perfectly ripe Peach, in all its juicy splendor!

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