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Dragonfruit (Pitaya)


This fruit is not a drag!

Dragon fruit, appropriately named for its scale-like skin, is found in the subtropical regions throughout Asia, Central and South America.  This exotic cactus fruit is sweet, juicy and crisp, much like that of a kiwi or watermelon. The flesh, when eaten raw, is mildly sweet and low in calories, and has a nutty flavor. It is often converted into juices, purees, and wines, and sometimes used to flavor beverages or ice creams. Yum!  

Did you know?
  • Dragonfruits vary in size, but most are roughly the size of an orange.
  • The Dragonfruit grows on a cactus that blooms for only one night per fruit cycle. 
  • Other names for this fruit include strawberry pear, pitaya or pitahaya.

We can source Dragonfruit in the following formats:

  • IQF Fruits
  • Juice Concentrates
  • Purees

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