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When life gives you Lemons…

You can make a lot of tasty things!

The Lemon has questionable origins, but most professionals agree that this fruit was likely first cultivated in northeast India, northern Burma, or China. Lemons became prominent in Europe around the 15th century, and were introduced to the Americas in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. The distinct, sour flavor of the Lemon makes it a valuable ingredient in many popular foods and recipes.

Did you know?
  • The heaviest Lemon ever grown was recorded in 2013. This gargantuan Lemon weighed approximately 11 pounds and 9.7 ounces, was 13.7 inches high, and had a 29 inch circumference. That’s a whole lotta Lemon!
  • August 29th is national lemon juice day!

We can source Lemon in the following formats:

  • Juice Concentrates
  • NFC Juices
  • Purees

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