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What do you call people avoiding healthy fats?


Avocados are the beloved product of the produce section. Whether you need to make a dip for a party or you want to give your salad a little flair, the Avocado is always there for you! The Avocado traces its origins back to South Central Mexico, and is cultivated today in California and Peru as well. The flavor of the Avocado is rich and creamy, and makes a great addition to a large variety of products.

Did you know?
  • Most people are tempted to call the Avocado a vegetable, but Avocados are actually considered fruit! A berry, to be precise.
  • Are you fond of baking? Some chefs actually replace the butter in their recipes for Avocado! In the right ratios, it won’t affect the color of the food either. So don’t worry about green cookies!

We can source Avocado in the following formats:

  • Guacamoles
  • Pulps

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