Beet, Red


Red Beet refers to the taproot portion of the beet plant. The Beet is highly revered by the health conscious due to its nutritious nature.  In addition to being a yummy addition to many a recipe, Red Beet is often used as a natural food coloring, and is revered by many cultures for its status as a medicinal plant.

Did you know?
  • The entirety of the Beet plant is edible, from the tips of its leaves, down to its pointed root.
  • Beetroot can be used to make wine.
  • The biggest Beet in the world was grown by a Dutchman. It weighed over 156 pounds. Hard to “Beet” that!

We can source Acerola in the following formats:

  • Juice Concentrates
  • NFC Juices
  • Purees

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