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Carrot (orange, purple, yellow)


I’d make a veggie joke… But no one would carrot all!

Carrots are believed to have originated in Central Asia, and are a very popular vegetable across many cultures. There are records that indicate that the Carrot root was being consumed as far back as 6th century AD. The original wild Carrot was more bitter and woody than today’s modern carrot. Wild carrots were selectively bred to reduce these qualities and to help create the crunchy, sweet Carrot that we all enjoy today.

Did you know?
  • Up until the 17th century, the only edible types of Carrots were either red, white, purple, or black in color. The orange carrot was created through selective breeding by farmers in the Netherlands, as a tribute to the ruling House of Orange.
  • Eating too many Carrots can cause a condition known as “carotenemia”, which gives your skin a yellowish appearance.

We can source Carrot in the following formats:



  • Juice Concentrates​​​
  • NFC Juices
  • Purees
  • Juice Concentrates

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