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What did the green Grape say to the purple Grape?

Breathe! Breathe!

Grapes are a very popular fruit throughout the world, and have actually made the top ten of the world’s favorite fruits. The Grape comes in a large assortment of varietals, including Concord, Red, White, Muscat, and Niagara, to name a few. About 71% of world Grape production is dedicated to making wine.

That’s a lot of Grape, but hey, we need our Malbecs and Cabs!

Did you know?
  • The oldest Grapevine in America is 400 years old, and is located in North Carolina.
  • People started producing wine from Grapes as early as 5000 BC.
Types Offered by Encore:
  • Concord Grape
  • Niagara Grape
  • Red Grape
  • White Grape

We can source Grape in the following formats:

Concord Grape

Niagara Grape

Red Grape

White Grape

  • Juice Concentrates
  • NFC Juices
  • Purees
  • Puree Concentrates
  • Juice Concentrates
  • Juice Concentrates
  • Juice Concentrates

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