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What does a bee style its hair with?

A Honeycomb!

Honey is a thick, sweet syrup that is produced primarily by bees. Honey is created from floral nectar, and stored by bees in wax structures known as honeycombs. Honey is typically collected from hives of domesticated bees, or obtained from wild bee colonies. Honey can make for an excellent natural sweetener, and is a great addition to many products!

Did you know?
  • Bees feed on their Honey to survive the winter months. Beekeepers try not to take any Honey that the bees will miss, and if necessary, will feed bees sugar syrup in the autumn to compensate for any extra Honey they took!

We can source Honey in the following formats:

  • Amber Honey
  • Extra Light Honey
  • Light Amber Honey

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