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The ube is a purple tuber that originates from the Philippines. 

While ube might look similar to a purple sweet potato, there are some notable differences in flavor. 

Ube tends to have a sweeter, nutty, and vanilla-like flavor that makes it a great fit for confectionary and bakery applications. Some folks like to use the earthy flavor of the ube for more savory applications, making this an extremely versatile ingredient. 

The beautiful color of the ube also translates well in production, resulting in end products with striking purple hues.

Did you know?

  • Ube and coconut are often paired together in recipes. Both creamy and tropical flavors complement each other very well! 
  • The word “ube” actually means “tuber” in Tagalog!


We can source ube in the following formats:

  • Sweetened Ube Puree
  • Unsweetened Ube Puree

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