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You are one in a melon!

The Watermelon is considered by many to be the perfect summer fruit. It’s easy to imagine yourself sitting outside with a juicy slice of Watermelon in your hand, enjoying the warm day as you snack on the sweet, refreshing fruit. The Watermelon originated in southern Africa, and is often grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas worldwide. China is currently one of the leading global suppliers, followed by Turkey, Iran, Brazil, and Egypt. Watermelon is refreshing, delicious, and could be the perfect addition to your next recipe!

Did you know?
  • There is a fierce debate going on as to whether the Watermelon should be labeled a fruit or a vegetable. In 2007, Oklahoma declared the Watermelon the official state vegetable.
  • The entire Watermelon fruit can be consumed. Pickled watermelon rind is a very popular southern dish!

We can source Watermelon in the following formats:

  • Juice Concentrates
  • NFC Juices
  • Purees

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